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Driver: Parallel Lines (2007ENGMulti5)

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Files Name: Driver: Parallel Lines (2007ENGMulti5)
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Added: 22 July 2011
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Description: Driver: Parallel Lines (2007ENGMulti5) Year: 2007 PC Game English, German, French, Italian, Spanish Developer: Ubisoft Reflections Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment 4.36 GB Genre: Action (Shooter) Arcade Racing (Cars Motorcycles) 3D 3rd Person The race takes place in the brick-busting action in New York in two layers of time. In 1978, the protagonist of the game, the young racer, by the will of fate turns out to be involved in a criminal case a local gang. Because of the treacherous betrayal, he goes to prison, where forced to spend 28 years of life. Serving his conclusion, he returns to the road in New York to take revenge. The city, which he now sees from the window of his car, was quite different. The game features a dozen types of missions available, depending on the chosen era. Street and ring races, working taxi driver and other entertainment interspersed with stealing cars to order, distillation car on a certain route, and even bounty hunting other drivers.

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