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Driver: Parallel Lines*

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Files Name: Driver: Parallel Lines*
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Added: 18 February 2011
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Description: Driver: Parallel LinesPC Game English Full RIP Developer: Reflections Interactive 2007 2.76 GBGenre: Racing, third-person shooter, ActionYou were the fastest wheelman on the street. You were a legend. You were money. Until they set you up and sent you down. Twenty-eight years inside for someone elseís crime. Now youíre getting out. You got a new job, itís called Revenge Take total control as New York's most wanted wheelman. The perfect combination for high speed driving - fast cars, open level missions with no loading time, realistic physics and destructible environments. Build your perfect ride with custom body work, engine upgrades, tunable suspensions, custom paints and accessories like bullet proof glass and tinted windows. Shoot, smash and steal your way through NYCís gritty underground using an arsenal of short and long range assault weapons. Get behind the wheel of 80 cars and motorcycles including old school classics and modern day marvels.

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