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Henry Rollins: Live Luna Park

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Files Name: Henry Rollins: Live Luna Park
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Added: 02 March 2011
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Description: Henry Rollins: Live Luna Parklanguage:ENGLISHAVI 720x5441h16mn 2438 KbpsMp3-128 Kbps1.37GBGene:comedyTwo months of performances at the Hollywood nightclub Luna Park result in this dynamic collection of spoken word highlights. Henry Rollins was challenged to appear one night a week for two months and give a different performance each time - a lot of stories to tell when you realize that Henry has a reputation for regularly speaking for almost three hours a performance Now here is the best of Henry's shows for your enjoyment, a dizzying trip with one of pop culture's most amazing talents. Henry Rollins is known as a Spoken Word Artist, Actor, Musician and Writer. His career achievements include 21 albums (under the Black Flag and Rollins Band banners), 9 spoken word discs, 12 books, and a host of film and TV appearances. His spoken word tours have taken him around the world and have garnered him a large, loyal fan base.

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