Protect Your Home From Rats

Rats have been a serious threat to humans ever since. They can easily get into your house, all they need is a tiny opening and they can get into the house. They may not need the door opening to get into your house because they don’t have any bones in them and can easily enter into your house. Once they get inside, they start eating your food. While they eat the food, they eat less and contaminate more. There have been seen a number of diseases that have increased because of these rats and mice. They impose a serious health threat to people. If you think that you don’t have any holes in your home or open spaces through which rats could come in. Then you are mistaken, it is much easy for them to come in from sewerage lines, they can easily swim in water and can travel up to a half mile.  

Once, you have seen a rat in a day then there is a possibility that you might not be able to see it again, because most of the times, rats eat once a day. They eat anything like fruits, protein content, grains, peanuts and some other stuff. Rats might not be able to survive longer without water but on the other hand mice might be able to survive a little longer without water.  If we talk about the mice then mice are a little different than rats. If there is enough food available and it is accessible to mice then mice might make twenty to thirty visits in a night or maybe at dawn or dusk. They also eat almost all the eatables. You might find them in cabinets, cupboards, foundations or even outside the house. Most of the times mice will live closer to the food source.  

Both rats and mice have one thing in common, they reproduce very fast and just in number of days, their family grows. So, it is always better to control the rodents at the very beginning or the moment when you know. As there are number of diseases that can get live in to your home so don’t delay to stop them. Keep your children away from rodent control in Lake macquarie as they might bite in case of its own protection. They also love to destroy some solid stuff like some wires, clothes etc. If you want to protect your home from the diseases that rodents can cause and want to protect your food and other stuff then get them out of your house, get the professional to do this job, we have expertise in this field and know how to deal with them. Give us a call now or send us your inquiry and get a free quote.pest-control