What Makes A Good Physiotherapist

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First-rate physiotherapists are essential to your physio Canberra, enhancing the health of your patients and increasing your business’ reputation. To help their patients manage muscle and joint problems, physiotherapists are experts in bodily mobility. To provide the greatest care for their patients, a top physiotherapist must have a personable demeanour, a commitment to lifelong learning, and a focus on their needs.

Finding all of this in one individual can be a little detective skill. The professional health recruitment companies are on hand to help you find the person for those medical roles.

What distinguishes a good physiotherapist from the rest?

  1. A patient-centred, holistic approach

An excellent physiotherapist treats the patient rather than focusing solely on the symptomatic back, leg, or shoulder discomfort. There are many things a holistic practitioner will want to know about their patients to properly diagnose and treat a health issue they are encountering with them. For example, stress and medical and mental health difficulties may cause specialist care and referral to other professionals. Instead of only treating the symptoms, a physiotherapist should investigate the underlying cause of the problem. If this is not done, the problem will recur.

  1. Takes part in a network

What really matters is that the patient’s care team includes their primary care physician and specialists in other fields, such as nutritionists and psychologists. In Australia and New Zealand, physiotherapists cannot refer patients directly to medical specialists. However, they can alert patients to problems that may require the attention of other professionals.

Physiotherapists who work in a healthcare facility must also be able to work well as part of a team. To be as productive as possible, they must maintain open contact lines with the front desk, administrative staff, and their fellow employees.

  1. A well-balanced strategy

As patients, we expect physiotherapists to strike the correct mix between compassion and toughness when treating us through different physio techniques. A skilled physiotherapist will be empathetic and caring in their approach. Remaining firm on the therapy measures necessary for the patient to recover, no matter how difficult or annoying they may be.

  1. Committed to professional advancement

A health care provider’s ability to practice at the highest level causes a commitment to lifelong learning. Physiotherapists who join professional organizations have access to national networks, additional training options, and mentorship.   In Australia and New Zealand, physiotherapists have access to information, training opportunities, and networking opportunities through the Physiotherapy Association of Australia and New Zealand.


Physiotherapists are in high demand. Look not only at their credentials when looking for new hires; instead, focus on whether they would be a good fit for your patients and practice.